About Random Thought Machine

Random Thought Machine is a comic about weird, random, and quirky life-things. The only thing “regular” here is the new comic posted every second Saturday!

About the Author

Hi, I’m Ania, the creator /author /everything-er for this webcomic. I love all the artsy and creative stuffs in life from drawing and music-playing to baking and origami. Puzzles games are my jam. I’m a multipotentialite (someone who loves ALL THE THINGS and CAN’T PICK JUST ONE) who decided to art about anything and everything in whatever style they felt like at the time. It seems my art style is veering toward Super Deformed anime style so hopefully everyone likes it!

How You Can Show Your ❤ for RTM

Share the comics with your friends! Share them with your enemies! (They may like to laugh too, though in a more nefarious anime-villain way 乁( ◔ ౪◔)「). Share through the website or whatever other social media channel you prefer! When you do, make sure to credit me! You can also become my patron on Patreon! And of course, keep coming back to enjoy the funnies! \(^o^)/