Frequency reduction

Hi all!

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time available to keep the once-a-week updates going on (damn those never-ending bills to pay, why can’t exposure pay for them??), so I’m reducing the frequency of these new comics to every TWO weeks. You’ll still get your funnies, they’ll just be a bit more delayed! ^^;;

For those who want to see these more often, I’d love to have you as my Patreon! Once I achieve my goal there I’ll be able to focus more time on these comics and you’ll get all the more laughs, just in case you’re interested. 😉

Thanks for reading!! ❤


Random Animal Crossing Meeting

My fiancé and I have matching outfits on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp because we roll like that, and ‘lo and behold the game randomly put the AC character that has the same sweater as us in screenshot distance… Of course I had to share, randomness ftw! (I’m the green-haired wonder).