A Multipotentialite RPG – Character Selection

001 - A Multipotentialite RPG - Character Selection


5 thoughts on “A Multipotentialite RPG – Character Selection

    • Ooo that’s the best! Why should you only get to pick one, right? XD

      The only other game I know of that kind of does that is Final Fantasy X-2; you can only be one class at a time, but you can also change to whatever you want at any time, so mid-battle you can change from healer to berserker to whatever np. The characters even have their own personalized costumes for each role which is a nice touch. It’s not quite like being everything at once but it’s pretty close.

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  1. In FFX-2, you changed (called Dresspheres) during battle based on the enemy you faced. In FFXIV you play one role for instanced dungeons, but for overworld content you can switch on the fly (provided you leveled up each class). I find it refreshing especially like me if you get bored with playing one class and want to switch it up. Each class/job has a unique playing style, and even exclusive dressing-up system (called glamour) so there are endless options! Perfect for a multipotentialite who loves to switch up often!

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    • I’ve been slowly playing through FFX-2 so I know what you mean, it’s great to switch it up! Though between the two, FFXIV definitely sounds superior when it comes to changing roles; seems like I’ll have to put that one in my gaming queue!


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